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Webinar summary – Ensuring Data Integrity with CSV and GxP-compliant software

The webinar co-hosted by SEN Pharma and Factorytalk on July 9th, 2023, attracted nearly 50

Webinar “Ensuring Data Integrity with CSV and GxP compliant software”

Pharmaceutical businesses are pushing for the computerization of manufacturing processes and documents, which is not

Webinar “Drug Regulatory Framework in Vietnam”

Since the COVID wave hit the world, countries have shifted their resources to the pharmaceutical

Webinar “Data Integrity in Pharmaceutical Industry”

What is data integrity? Why do many EU-GMP pharmaceutical factories invest heavily to ensure it?

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On Saturday, April 8, 2023, the workshop “DECODING FACTORY MYSTERIES” was held successfully at the

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The result of SEN Pharma’s scholarship – Fostering Knowledge

The scholarship program “SEN Pharma – Fostering Knowledge” began accepting applications for the first time

SEN Pharma’s scholarship – Fostering Knowledge

The “SEN Pharma – Forstering knowledge” scholarship initiative was established to: Motivate pharmacy students majoring