SEN Pharma’s website reached over 11,000 visits. Officially offer VIP account

It has been 1.5 months since the launching of on 17th July 2022. This website specializes in daily pharma news and provides a variety of useful information related to the pharmaceutical industry. Since its emergence, has become a companion for readers who are currently working in pharmaceutical factories in Vietnam. Its popularity has been proven by more than 12,000 views at the time of this article.

The most popular information is:

  • Recruitment news
  • Training courses
  • Database of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), brand name drugs, etc.

To establish a useful and professional website for the pharmaceutical industry, SEN Pharma and collaborators are constantly building a database of APIs, excipients, and brand-name drugs. Our targets for released data are as follows:

  • August 2022: 50 brand name drugs, 20 API
  • December 2022: 100 brand name drugs, 65 APIs, 15 excipients
  • June 2023: 200 brand name drugs, 130 APIs, 30 excipients
  • December 2023: 200 brand name drugs, 200 APIs, 40 excipients.

With specialized information in pharmaceutical research and production written entirely in Vietnamese, our database can be considered one of the largest and most diverse pharmaceutical data sources in Vietnam. To explore SEN Pharma’s library, let’s sign up for a VIP account to get the best discount (1.000.000 VND/account/year for registrants in September 2022).

Some special offers for VIP accounts:

  • Experience in formulation development by experts of SEN Pharma
  • Innovator patents; patents used in formulation development.
  • Quantitative formulas of some brand-name drugs
  • Experience in excipient usage, excipient combination, and objective (independent) research documents.

Note: The price of VIP account will increase proportionally to the size of the database. SEN Pharma offers a 50% discount voucher for undergraduate students.

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