The English version of SEN Pharma’s website is now available

The SEN Pharma website is now featuring in both English and Vietnamese versions, becoming one of the few sites that explore in-depth the fields of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. The SEN Pharma website is being improved so that readers from all over the world will have a better experience and easily discover pharmaceutical industry news.

Key features:

  • Simplified layout: The website is easily accessible and searchable in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Topics: You can update a lot of interesting information with articles related to:
    • Latest pharmaceutical industry news from around the world.
    • Specialized understanding in pharmaceutical manufacturing: R&D, QA/QC, RA, lean production, etc.
    • The consulting and technical support services provided by SEN Pharma (R&D, production, RA, QA, QC, procuring, etc.)
  • Optimizing interactive features such as commenting, sharing, and rating enables users to express their opinions, connect with one another, and discuss website topics..

SEN Pharma wishes to provide colleagues with the best possible experience with the new version, especially in improving their English skills.

SEN Pharma expresses our heartfelt gratitude to readers, customers, and partners who have recently trusted and supported us. With the mission of “Bringing effective solutions, supporting Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry”, SEN Pharma strives to maintain our users’ companionship and trust.

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