SEN Pharma’s LinkedIn reaches 3000 followers

SEN Pharma’s LinkedIn page, which was started in June 2022, has more than 3,000 followers, including more than 1,500 followers from global professionals and partners. As a result, SEN Pharma has become one of the pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam having a large number of followers on this platform. This proves that colleagues’ need to update news about the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam and around the world is enormous.

Additionally, LinkedIn SEN Pharma engages in discussions with prominent pharmaceutical industry figures, including the former leader of the Ministry of Health and the director of Sanofi VN.

With content offered in English, SEN Pharma believes that this page will be a platform to introduce about Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry, boosting cooperation between pharma manufacturing plants in Vietnam with international partners.

SEN Pharma would like to sincerely thank our colleagues for supporting SEN Pharma’s LinkedIn page. The support of our readers is the driving force that allows the SEN Pharma team to continue delivering more valuable content with more appealing topics. For the most recent updates on pharmaceutical industry guidelines and regulations, intriguing information regarding pharmaceutical factories in Vietnam, and new applications in pharmaceutical research and development, kindly subscribe to the LinkedIn channel of SEN Pharma.

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