Webinar “Drug Regulatory Framework in Vietnam”

Since the COVID wave hit the world, countries have shifted their resources to the pharmaceutical business, and Vietnam is no exception. The acquisition of production units or stakes in Vietnamese pharmaceutical enterprises by well-known corporations from across the world has been a notable trend in recent years.

Furthermore, by learning about Vietnam’s regulations for registering and distributing pharmaceutical products, foreign investors might extend their business by bringing their products into Vietnam via pharmaceutical distributors. In this regard, Korea is one of the nations wishing to increase trade with and import pharmaceutical products into Vietnam.

SEN Pharma has been privileged to collaborate with the Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association (KPBMA) in order to assist Korean pharmaceutical businesses by hosting a webinar about “Drug Regulatory Framework in Vietnam” on May 26, 2023.

KPBMA is Korea’s largest pharmaceutical industry organization, representing 174 domestic pharmaceutical businesses and 21 multinational corporations. The event attracted the attendance of 80 Korean businesses. During the webinar, the speaker from SEN Pharma introduced the Drug approval system in Vietnam through the organizational structure and other topics, such as the procurement system, clinical trials, GMP regulation, and drug registration process.

This is the first webinar event highlighting the collaboration between SEN Pharma and KPBMA, which promises to give SEN Pharma the possibility to expand cooperation with nations across the world in the process of international integration.

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