The result of SEN Pharma’s scholarship – Fostering Knowledge

The scholarship program “SEN Pharma – Fostering Knowledge” began accepting applications for the first time between February 9 and March 20, 2023, and attracted a great deal of interest from potential students specializing in Pharmaceuticals from Pharmacy Universities across the country.

After reviewing applications and evaluating essays, SEN Pharma chose to invite 11 candidates with excellent academic records and from disadvantaged families to the interview phase. We got the opportunity to talk with students about their backgrounds, career goals, and desire to contribute to the growth of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry. In order to encourage students to pursue their dreams, SEN Pharma has decided to increase the number of scholarships from three to eleven, with a total value of up to 42,000,000 VND. In addition to cash, candidates will receive a free training course from SEN Pharma to equip them with practical knowledge at a pharmaceutical factory.

Understanding the aspirations of the candidates through interviews, SEN Pharma has decided to make the scholarship “SEN Pharma – Fostering Knowledge” an annual company activity in order to foster the desire to study among students.


List of candidates receiving the scholarship:

SEN Pharma would like to congratulate the scholarship recipients and hopes that they will continue to train themselves, maintain their passion and enthusiasm, and become experts in the pharmaceutical industry in the near future.

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