Top 10 M&A deals of 2022 in the pharmaceutical industry

Nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry’s term M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) is no longer unfamiliar to readers. Here, let’s review ten major M&A deals in the world with a value of at least 1 billion USD in 2022.

1. Amgen pays $27.8 billion for Horizon Therapeutics

Amgen paid $116.50 per share to Horizon Therapeutics for a total of $27.8 billion, making this acquisition the biggest biopharmaceutical deal of the year. In 2021, Horizon achieved revenue of $3.23 billion, increasing 47% compared to the previous year. Horizon also discussed a potential acquisition deal with Janssen Global Services and Sanofi before merging with Amgen. Horizon Therapeutics’ board of directors unanimously agreed to the terms of the agreement from Amgen.

2. Pfizer to acquire Biohaven Pharmaceuticals for $11.6 billion

In May 2022, Pfizer acquired Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a company known for its dual-acting migraine therapy Nurtec® ODT (rimegepant). In 2021, Nurtec® had $462 million in sales; by 2026, it is expected to reach $2 billion in annual global sales. Biohaven is also planning to commercialize Zavegepant of the US, a nasal spray for the treatment of acute migraines that is likely to be FDA-approved by 2023.

3. Pfizer purchases global Blood Therapeutics for $5.4 billion

In October 2022, Pfizer completed its Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) acquisition for $68.50 per share, or a total of 5.4 billion. The deal gives Pfizer access to GBT’s portfolio of sickle cell disease (SCD) medications, adding Oxbryta (Voxelotor), a new sickle hemoglobin inhibitor, to Pfizer’s portfolio investment. In 2021, Oxbryta achieved revenue of $194.7 million, a 57% increase over the previous year.

4. BMS acquired Turning Point Therapeutics for $4.1 billion

In June, Bristol Myers Squibb announced that it would buy Turning Point Therapeutics for $76.00 per share. Turn Point has a system of cancer drugs, including Repotrectinib, a new kinase inhibitor that targets the ROS1 and TRK carcinogens of lung cancer – non-small cells and advanced solid tumors.

5. Amgen buys ChemoCentrix for $3.7 billion

In August 2022, Amgen said it would buy San Carlos, California-based ChemoCentryx for $52 per share in cash, equivalent to about $3.7 billion.

6. Biocon Biologics spends $3 billion to acquire Viatris’ bioequivalent drug business

Bengaluru, India-based Biocon Biologics Ltd., a division of Biocon Ltd., announced in late November that it had acquired Viatris’ bioequivalent drug business. Biocon agreed to pay $2 billion in advance for Viatris and another $1 billion in convertible preferred stock.

7. GSK acquires Affinivax for $2.1 Billion

GSK completed its acquisition of the private biopharmaceutical enterprise Affinivax in August 2022. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Affinivax has established a vaccine technology platform called the Multiple Antigen Presentation System (MAPS) designed to elicit a strong immune response of B cells and T cells.

8. GSK buys Sierra Oncology for $1.9 billion

In April 2022, GSK acquired Sierra Oncology to strengthen its cancer research system. Sierra believes that the new JAK Momelotinib inhibitor in their study may help myelofibrosis patients with anemia meet their medical needs.

9. Sumitovant Biopharma acquires Myovant for $1.7 billion

In early October 2022, Myovant rejected an offer to acquire Sumitovant Biopharma for $1.5 billion. However, before the end of October, Myovant also agreed to buy the company for $1.7 billion. Sumitovant Biopharma already owns more than half of Myovant – which has a total company value of $2.9 billion.

10. Novo Nordisk acquires Forma Therapeutics for $1.1 billion

Novo Nordisk announced on September 1, 2022, that it would acquire Forma Therapeutics Holdings for $1.1 billion. Forma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in developing treatments for sickle cell disease and rare blood disorders.


The top 10 pharma M&A deals of 2022

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