Amvipharm – Diverse Health Care Solutions

Amvipharm - Đa dạng giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe

1. General Introduction to Amvipharm – Global Healthcare Provider

Amvipharm Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of CCL, a global healthcare conglomerate. Its mission is to bring healthy lives to consumers (acquired by CCL in 2015).

2. Amvipharm’s Research and Production Activities

Currently, the manufacturing plant located in Ho Chi Minh City has obtained GMP-WHO and ISO 9001:2015 certifications for the following production lines.

  • Aseptic manufacturing drugs: Intravenous injection drugs in pouches, macerating infusion solutions in pouches.
  • Terminal sterilization drugs: Injectable powder drugs containing antibiotics from the Cephalosporin and Carbapenem groups.
  • Non-aseptic drugs: Intravenous injection drugs in pouches; Solid drugs containing Cephalosporin antibiotics (tablets, powder/granules…).

Amvipharm currently holds over 100 product registrations, with popular products such as:

  • Ciprofloxacin 200mg/100ml intravenous infusion solution.
  • Injectable powder Ceftriaxone (as Ceftriaxone sodium) 1g.
  • Oral suspension powder Ceftibuten (as Ceftibuten hydrate) 90mg/sachet 2.5g…

3. Amvipharm – Special Features

  • Import and export

Regarding CCL, the conglomerate’s products have been exported to 24 countries, Including countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the European Union, the Community of Independent States, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • Focus on core treatment areas

Core diseases: Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Central nervous system disorders, Gastroenterology, Anti-infectives,…

  • Collaboration & Development:

Recently, CCL has collaborated with relevant parties to organize a significant event led by the Chairman and CEO of CCL Life Science, Mr. Arif Siddiqui, aiming to promote Pharmaceutical Exports.

This event demonstrated CCL’s ambition to get closer to healthcare services for a healthier future for patients and consumers.


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