SEN Pharma provides services for drug registration, declaration of dietary supplement, and cosmetic registration

Dịch vụ Đăng ký thuốc, thực phẩm chức năng và mỹ phẩm

With the modern business trend emphasizing the importance of core activities, many Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies have chosen to utilize the regulatory affairs services from professional consulting firms in order to achieve high efficiency and timely implementation.

After undergoing the process of formulation development, production trials, and testing, a pharmaceutical product needs to get approval from the Drug Administration before being circulated in the market. Pharmaceutical registration requires several steps, including R&D, getting marketing authorization, and updating major/minor variations while in circulation. The complex procedure requires significant time and specialized expertise. Utilizing professional consulting firms’ registration services is therefore a solution that helps reduce registration expense and costs.

By choosing SEN Pharma, you will be assisted by experts with over ten years of expertise in pharmaceutical registration. They will provide simple, efficient, and time-saving consulting services to carry out the registration processes while ensuring compliance with the highest regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical registration. Additionally, SEN Pharma has R&D experts who have worked with foreign companies and multinational corporations to support customers in the formulation and production.

We offer services for declaration of cosmetics and dietary supplements, in addition to drug registration. With a team comprising former Regulatory Affairs Managers from reputable pharmaceutical and dietary supplement companies in Vietnam, we are pleased to assure you that our support services are both exceptional and all-encompassing.

With a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable development as our ultimate goal, SEN Pharma aims to become a trusted partner for our partners.

Please refer to the following links for the details of our services:

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