Declaration of cosmetics

Quy trình hỗ trợ công bố Mỹ Phẩm

Consulting process

  1. Advising on the regulations related to declaration of cosmetics.
  2. Receiving information and documents; checking and evaluating the validity of relevant papers and documents.
  3. Guiding and assisting clients in drafting and preparing documents related to declaration of cosmetics, including: Cosmetics declaration form, Cosmetics information dossier.
  4. Guiding clients in carrying out the procedures for cosmetics declaration at the competent State agency.
  5. Monitoring the progress of dossier processing and discussing with specialists to identify any discrepancies and supporting clients in editing, supplementing, and improving inaccurate documents when receiving feedback from the regulatory authorities.
  6. Receiving the cosmetics declaration form and handing it to the client.

Required documents

  1. Certificate of Business Registration (certified copy).
  2. Authorization letter: from the manufacturer or owner of the product authorizing the organization or individual responsible for bringing the cosmetics product to the market for distribution in Vietnam (applicable to imported cosmetics or domestically produced cosmetics where the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to the market is not the manufacturer).
  3. Certificate of Free Sale – CFS: In the case of declaring imported cosmetics products.
  4. Original or valid certified copy, still in effect.
  5. Legally notarized, unless exempted from notarization under international conventions of which Vietnam is a member. 
  6. Ingredients and functions of the product.
  7. Product label samples (if any).
  8. Other relevant documents (if required).
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