Dat Vi Phu Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DAVIPHARM)

While the Covid pandemic raged on around the world in 2021, Davipharm was the only company in Vietnam to be granted EU-GMP certificate, which marked an incredible feat.

Located in Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Davipharm is one of Vietnam’s foremost manufacturers of high-quality generic drugs.

With a 70% ownership in Davipharm in 2017, Adamed Pharmaceutical Group made the largest Polish investment in Vietnam. With a total investment of fifty million dollars, more than ten million dollars have been invested in improving the manufacturing facility.

In 2021, Davipharm announced the certification of Vietnam’s first highly-active solid drug production line with cytotoxic/ cytostatic effects. Davipharm’s portfolio consists of 28 highly active medicines, including treatments for breast, leukemia, pancreatic, colorectal, stomach, cervical, prostate, and glioblastoma cancer. Davipharm is able to produce numerous batch sizes ranging from 15kg to 100kg, with an annual output of 500 million highly active pharmaceuticals (HP).

Moreover in 2021, the Davipharm was the only facility to get the EU-GMP certificate. Michal Wieczorek, the CEO of Davipharm, said, “It is very hard to get inspectors to Vietnam because of the worldwide pandemic. We did, however, and this is the very first online inspection in Vietnam! I am very pleased with this accomplishment! I would like to thank the Davipharm and Adamed teams for their commitment, hard work, diligence, and expertise.”

Davipharm’s long-term goal is to obtain EU-GMP certificate for the highly active drug production line, as well as for other production lines such as soft capsules, oral suspensions, and cream forms, by 2025. Davipharm’s strategy goal is to increase its domestic market position by focusing on R&D, new product launches, outsourcing, and establishing an export center in Southeast Asia.


Dat Vi Phu Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DAVIPHARM)

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