Pharmedic – The first pharmaceutical joint stock company in Vietnam

The company currently holds 163 product registrations with the capacity to manufacture a diverse range of pharmaceutical forms such as eye/nose/ear drops, oral medications, and topical medications. In 2022, Pharmedic obtained new registrations for six products: Vitamin PP 50, Foxtocid, Irbesartan 300, Tribedoz, Povidone 7.5%.


Originally established in 1981 as the Pharmaceutical Import and Export Company PHARIMEX, in the context of a severe shortage of medicines.

As the first company in the country to operate as a joint-stock company, with a current charter capital of 93 billion VND, Sapharco, representing the state, contributes 43.44% of the capital, with other shareholders holding 56.56%.

Recognized by consumers with the title “High-Quality Vietnamese Goods” for 13 consecutive years from 2003 to 2015, Pharmdemic is one of the companies benefiting from consumer favor.

R&D and Production Activities

The manufacturing facility located in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, provides a significant advantage over other companies in terms of attracting labor, transporting raw materials, and finished products. Currently, the company has the capability to produce various pharmaceutical forms, including eye, nose, ear drops, oral medications, and topical medications.

Some prominent products in the company’s portfolio include Farzincol, Gynofar, and Natri clorid 0.9%. Additionally, Pharmedic engages in research and production of functional foods and cosmetics, resulting in products such as Aspartame, Gynofar Gel, and Chlorfast.

In the business activities of 2022, Pharmedic achieved a record revenue of 473 billion VND, the highest in the company’s 14-year history since its listing in October 2009. For the cumulative nine months of 2023, Pharmdemic’s revenue reached 353 billion VND, a 2% increase compared to the same period in 2022.

In comparison to the company’s shareholder meeting’s plan, Pharmedic accomplished nearly 73% of the annual revenue plan and almost 77% of the after-tax profit plan. Despite a 3% decrease in after-tax profit, the company still recorded 59 billion VND in profit.


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