Advanced training on Quality Management System

What’s new in SEN Pharma training 2024?

Our new course – Advanced training on Quality Management System is now available for sign up. This is our first offline training course in 2024 including 6 modules with one module being delivered per day. The program runs for 6 days (12 sessions) every 2 months/module.

Module 1 – The first module in the series will begin on January 13, 2024 at Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam’s first university to be listed in the world’s Top 100 best young universities.

In contrast to training via Zoom, this one allows participants to discuss with lecturers, and have your questions answered by leading foreign experts right in the classroom.

Participants can also benefit from lecturers sharing real-life events and challenges they may encounter in the workplace, to apply practical understanding to your work.

The topic of the entire training program

1. Module 1:

  • EU GMP Pharmaceutical Quality System.
  • Data Integrity

2. Module 2

  • Root Cause Investigations (Deviations and CAPAs).
  • Change Control

3. Module 3

  • Self Inspections
  • Outsourced Activities

4. Module 4

  • Quality Risk Management
  • Validation and Qualification

5. Module 5

  • QC and GLP
  • Annex 16 – The Qualified Person

6. Module 6

  • Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products

This course is delivered by Dr. Edward Balbirnie an Irish expert of SEN Pharma and currently a Qualified Person in Europe. With over 30 years of international experience in senior quality management in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Balbirnie has built a systematic and logical training program, that allows students to quickly learn crucial quality knowledge.

Who is the course for?

  • Quality director/Deputy quality director
  • Head/deputy manager, staff working in the quality management (QA, QC)
  • Seniors of other departments in the pharmaceutical factory
  • New graduates interested in working in quality management

Benefits of the course

  • Offering comprehensive insights into Quality Management System (QMS) and the important element of QMS.
  • Answering questions about quality concerns about QMS
  • Joining the Zalo group and discussing more quality matters.
  • Being awarded a Certificate of Participation after each Module and a Certificate of Course Completion after passing the final test..

Special offer

SEN Pharma offers extremely appealing deals: the more modules you join, the cheaper the tuition.

Register now at 

Tuition includes Documents + Certification + Teabreak.

Please reach out to SEN Pharma if you have any inquiries regarding the course

Profile Dr. Edward Balbirnie

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