Research & Development

Dịch vụ Tư vấn, Nghiên cứu & Phát triển sản phẩm mới

With a team of highly experienced experts in the R&D field (having worked in both Vietnamese and multinational companies), we are confident in providing quality and optimized solutions for our partners throughout the research and development process, especially for orally administered products.

1. New Product Development

  • Advising on the selection of suitable products and portfolios for business development.
  • Evaluating the technical complexity of the product and its compatibility with existing production lines.
  • Advising on the formulation, quality standards, and testing methods.
  • Supporting technology transfer, including production and analysis processes.
  • Advising on equivalent bioavailability testing and related issues.
  • Assisting in drafting registration dossiers and regulatory compliance issues

2. Improvement of Existing Products

  • Analyzing current formulations and production processes to identify causes and solutions for improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of existing products. Providing support in addressing issues and challenges encountered during production, testing of active ingredients, and finished products.
  • Assisting in finding suitable alternative raw materials.
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