Multi-tip punches for tablet production

Increasing tablet output while ensuring pre-determined quality standards is the key task that drug makers always try to achieve, by increasing the pressing speed or buying new tablet press machines. However, SEN Pharma would like to introduce a new solution that offers many benefits and has some special requirements: Using a rotary tablet press fitted with multi-tip punches.

In fact, multi-tip punches have been installed on single-station tablet presses in the early 1990s. With the advent of the high-speed tablet press, multi-tip tools were no longer in use. However, nowadays, incorporating multi-tip tools into the rotary tablet press has gained popularity due to the following advantages:

  • Productivity increases as the number of punches increases. For example, a single tool may produce approximately 8000 tablets per minute while an eight-tip tool can produce of 72000 tablets per minute.
  • Investments are more affordable compared to buying a new tablet press.
  • Requiring less production space
  • Reducing the set-up time of the punches and maintenance time.
  • Minimizing operating costs

There are two available types of multi-tip punches: individual steel punches (which are easy to disassemble, able to replace damaged punch-tips, have diverse shapes, and require thorough cleaning) and a mono-block design of punches (which are easy to clean, reduce the risk of contamination or cross-contamination).

However, there are some considered factors in the installation of multi-tip punch tips on the rotary tablet press:

  • The upper section of the turret must have keyways to guarantee the correct fixing of the upper punch.
  • The speed of feeder paddles as well as the granulation flow should be modified to meet the increased fill requirements
  • Increasing the frequency of tablet testing system.
  • Punches/die calibration should be conducted regularly to detect and reject damaged parts.
  • Tablet press machine, punches/dies must be within accepted tolerance.


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