Stellapharm Joint Venture Company Limited

Stellapharm Joint Venture Company Limited, formerly known as M.S.T Pharmaceutical Company, was established in the year 2000 and has emerged as a prominent pharmaceutical manufacturing entity in Vietnam. With professional ethics and dedication to quality, Stellapharm always delivers pharmaceuticals that meet high-quality criteria and comply with environmental standards. Stellapharm products have been globally recognized by leading drug regulatory authorities such as EMA, PMDA, Taiwan FDA, WHO and have been trusted by millions of patients in more than 50 countries around the world. Stellapharm’s commitment is to provide high quality medicinal products at reasonable prices, to serve patients around the world.

1. Collaborative development

In 2002, M.S.T Pharmaceutical Company attracted investment from STADA Pharmaceutical, resulting in the establishment of the joint venture STADA – Vietnam. This milestone paved the way for numerous pivotal development partnerships, both domestic and international, as the company embraced advanced technology, modern equipment, and a wide array of raw materials. This cooperative endeavor led to enhancements in existing products and the creation of novel pharmaceutical offerings, thus contributing significantly to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.

However, the 50-50 joint venture, STADA-Vietnam, faced certain limitations in its business growth strategy. By the close of 2019, M.S.T Pharmaceutical Company Limited, in collaboration with Auxilto Healthcare, successfully acquired STADA Pharmaceutical’s capital contribution. Consequently, the STADA – Vietnam Joint Venture Company underwent a transformation and was renamed as Stella Joint Venture Company, marking a historic milestone as the first pharmaceutical company in Vietnam to successfully acquire the capital investment of a foreign partner.

2. Research and production activities

Pharmaceutical quality is Stellapharm’s commitment, research activities are always the driving force for Stella to become a leader in the drug manufacturing industry. Stella’s research and development unit consistently invests in cutting-edge equipment and a proficient workforce to engage in collaborations with international partners, facilitating ongoing research and the development of novel products in response to the surging demand for high-quality pharmaceuticals.

At present, Stellapharm owns two factories with a remarkable production capacity of up to 4 billion pill prescriptions and 450 million units of liquid medicine. Notably, one of Stellapharm’s two factories has earned EU-GMP certification, marking a groundbreaking achievement as the first factory in Vietnam to attain this esteemed recognition.

In 2020, Stellapharm started construction of a Hormone – Steroid – External Medicine factory in accordance with EU-GMP and PIC/S standards.


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