Domesco Medical Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation – For quality of life

1. Overview

Domesco Medical Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation, which was established in 1989, manufactures and trades high-quality medical products. With a production facility that meets WHO-GMP standards, the company has supplied outstanding products to the market, including cardiovascular medicine AMPLODIPIN 5mg, antibiotic medicine ZINMAX, and pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicine ALPHACHYMOTRYPSIN DOREN, etc

2. Collaborative development

In 2022 and recent years, the company has achieved significant milestones. These are the results of the company’s relentless efforts in seeking and developing high-quality medical products to meet the increasing market demands. Additionally, the company always focuses on improving product quality and services to meet customer requirements. DOMESCO’s product lines are trusted and used by millions of patients in France, the USA, Canada, Peru, Paraguay, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Cambodia, China, Algeria, etc., with the product lines including Chemical drugs, Herbal medicine and Medical devices.

3. Research and production activities

With continuous efforts in investments in modern technical equipment and the application of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, DOMESCO has obtained certification for drug production meeting the World Health Organization (GMP-WHO) standards.

  • The facility includes three pharmaceutical factories meeting GMP-WHO standards.
  • One factory for extracting and producing drugs from Herbal Medicine meets GMP-WHO standards.
  • One factory for producing food supplements evaluated and certified as GMP for food supplements.

The company’s product range includes antibiotics, cardiovascular medicine, pain relievers, and herbal medicine. In particular, the company has received numerous prestigious awards, such as the “Outstanding Enterprise in Asia-Pacific 2020”. Domesco is listed as a “Trusted Exporting Enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2020.

4. Upcoming development plans

Domesco will continue to prioritize product and service quality, market expansion, distribution system development, and collaboration with domestic and international partners. The company expects to earn VND 1,701 billion in revenue in 2023.

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